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Rock, Blues, Jazz Pedal Steel

Jazz Pedal Steel

(Thanks, Bandcamp!  But I should say, he should have used the past tense about B.B. Fellowship.  I LOVE those guys!  But I haven't played with that group in a while, though I did just make a record with Jeff Parker which should be out in about a year. ) 

Dave Easley

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Current Gigs are and other related urls are listed on the News page.  I like to play a lot of different kinds of music - modern jazz, folk, psychedelic, reggae, blues, old-time jazz... I hope we'll see you at a show sometime!

Anderson, Chute, Easley 


Just the solos from a performance at the International Steel Guitar Convention of the classic jazz tune made popular by Frank Sinatra and John Coltrane, "My Shining Hour".

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Jack Cassidy, Peter Rowan, Dave Easley.
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